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Influences and impacts brought by re-PET import ban continue to deepen:
Recycled polyester industry: re-PET imports are still under a ban in 2019, and the overall industrial operating rate is less than 60% as the market share has been squeezed by the virgin PSF and the imported recycled chemical fiber. Re-PET and recycled chemical fibers have almost all stepped into losses. However, under the pressure, industrial transformation and upgrading is going on rapidly, such as the break-through of recycling method of re-PET, continual development of differential and functional products, and rapid growth of demand for high-end recycled products.

Virgin polyester industry: the industry continues to embrace the benefits brought by the drastic changes on recycled industry. In January-April 2019, the output of virgin PSF increased by 14% year-on-year, and profits increased by 13%. However, risks are also seen. After the capacity increase of 700kt/year in 2018, the new capacity in the next two years will still be as high as 1.5 million tons. Moreover, profits of some differential products, such as low-melting PSF, have shrunk largely due to periodical oversupply.

Many issues are presented on the industry. How about the new standard of re-PET? Is there theoretical basis for the imports? How does the recycled industry invested overseas develop? Will it bring further impact on domestic market? For the break-through of recycling method of re-PET, is it a new impact or opportunity for the industry? How long will the virgin PSF enjoy the benefits brought by the recycled PSF? In addition, domestic refineries will commence into operation intensively in the second half year, will the polyester costs reduce further? Does the impact from virgin PSF to recycled PSF will increase further?

In the meantime, demand for colored PSF, cyclic recycled products, bio-component fibers (like low-melting and ES fiber) and PSF for spunlace witnesses rapid growth in recent years, but will the growth continue in the future? Will the market appear re-balance? Meanwhile, what influences will put on the industrial pattern caused by large-scaled and centralized development?

In this circumstance, CCFGroup will hold 2019 PSF Industry Forum (the 7th Re-PET Forum) in Hangzhou, China on July 10-12, 2019. Experts on macro economy, leaders of associations, leading enterprises from virgin PSF and recycled polyester industries as well as spinning and nonwoven industries will attend the forum. We cordially invite you to come to Hangzhou to participant the forum!

Meeting Matters


Registration: PM July 10, 2019
Forum: July 11-12, 2019


New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou, China (New Century Hall, 4F) ★★★★★ (No. 818, Middle Shixin Road, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, China)

Conference Fee

USD 1,000/person
Early bird fee: USD 900/person (before June 20); USD 810/person for 3 or more participants including conference, meals, conference documents, simultaneous translation; excluding accommodation

Accommodation Fee

Twin-bed room: 580yuan/person/day
King-size room: 650yuan/person/day


Contact: Celia Lin
Tel: 86-571-83786683, 86-18989321222
Fax: +86-571-83786600
E-mail: market@ccfgroup.com, celia.lin@ccfgroup.com

Cancellation and refund

Refund can be claimed before July 02 in written form

Forum Agenda

(Note: topics are still updating and subject to changes)
AM, July 11


Opening Speech


2019 China macro forecast ——Zhu Bin, Deputy General Manager & Institute Director, Nanhua Futures


Will the cost of direct-spun PSF keep down under the refinery capacity expansion? ——Ji Feng, Dealer, Wanxiang Hartree Commodities Co., Ltd.


Tea break


Introduction on standardization of PET re-processing ——Chen Minjian, General Manager, National Technical Committee?on?Plastic of Standardization Administration of China


Interpretation of industrial green development policy during the 13th Five-Year Plan ——Wang Xu, Senior Consultant, CCID

PM, July 11


China direct-spun PSF market outlook ——Qin Jin, Deputy Director, Synthetic Fiber Department of Sinopec


Yesterday, today and tomorrow of recycled chemical fiber ——Qian Jun, Vice-general Manager, Ningbo Dafa Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.


Tea break


Development direction of spun-lace non-woven fabric ——Yang Peng, General Manager, Xiamen Dongyuhang Import and Export Co., Ltd.


Green strategy and re-PET application of Decathlon ——Liu Dakun, Manager of Chemical Fiber Yarn Department, Decathlon


Round-table discussion session: Virgin and recycled chemical fiber future development discussion ——Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Hengyi, Huaxicun, Xingke, Yilan, Tongheng


The Night of Dafa(Shixin Hall, 1st Floor)

AM, July 12


New Plastics Economy & World PET bottle design rules and recycled PET application trends ——Wang Ren, China Plastic Program Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Investment and operation costs analysis in major textile countries and regions of Asia ——Zheng Shengwei, Information Manager, CCFGroup


Tea break


Recycled chemical fiber investment analysis in Africa and Southeast Asia ——Zhang Lei, General Manager, Jiangyin Desel Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.


Operation and development of virgin PSF and recycled PSF ——Qiao Yu, Senior Analyst, CCFGroup

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2019 PSF Industry Forum(The 7th Re-PET Forum)
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2019 PSF Industry Forum (The 7th Re-PET Forum) hosted by CCFGroup will be held in New Century Grand Hotel Hangzhou China on July 10-12, 2019.
Supported by the commercial sponsors, the forum will provide a platform for the enterprises to promote. To secure your place at the conference, simply choose the sponsorship option that best suits you, and contact us. (The number-limited items will be determined by the receiving order of the confirmation letters.)
Expiry date: July 1, 2019
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Co-sponsor ★ Name of co-sponsor presented on the conference
★ Large-scale printing on golden porch (width: 3m; height: 2.4m)
★ One colored page in the conference presentations
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★ Background for the information desk (width: 3.6m; height: 2.5m)
★ One table, two chairs
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Inside back cover USD 1100
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Other inside pages USD 900
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USD 1500 Per company Only two left
Tea break sponsor ★ One colored page in the conference presentation
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