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Investment and operation cost analysis of major Asian countries and regions
!!Zheng Shengwei, Information Manager, CCFGroup

2019-07-12 10:12:53
Zheng Shengwei, Information Manager, CCFGroup gave his report of Investment and operation costs analysis in major textile countries and regions of Asia 

Mr. Zheng made a report on the textile market, investment status and operating costs in Asia. The report is mainly divided into three parts: 

First, he introduced the status quo of textile and apparel market in Asia. China's textile and apparel exports have experienced rapid growth, but the market share of clothing has been lowered in recent years. The market share of textiles and garments in Asia outside China continued to increase; Major manufacturing countries in Southeast Asia have taken over some of the orders; China's garment imports continued to increase. 

Second, he discussed the types and advantages of textile and garment enterprises' foreign investment. He first introduced the current policy orientation and the status of foreign investment. The government introduced relevant policies to encourage textile and garment enterprises to go global. Then he analyzed the investment status of China's textile and garment industry in detail, outlined the economic situation of the major investment areas, and compared the cost elements of each region. 

Third, he analyzed the future development of China's textile industry. The export pattern of textile industry changes, globalization and marketization lead to intensified competition in the industry. The impact of Sino-US trade war on the textile industry is mainly the impact on market mentality. Compared with other textile exportable countries, China's textiles have strong irreplaceability in cost and industrial chain. 

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