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Yesterday, today and tomorrow of recycled chemical fiber
!!Qian Jun, Deputy General Manager, Dafa Chemical Fiber

2019-07-11 15:09:23
Qian Jun, Deputy General Manager, Dafa Chemical Fiber, delivers his report of Yesterday, today and tomorrow of recycled chemical fiber 

The report is divided into six parts. 

Firstly, development history and status quo of recycled chemical fiber industry. Small, dispersed , disrupted and polluted enterprises among raw material cleaning and fiber production will be eliminated gradually, after experiencing series of events, like false invoices in Guangdong, tax administration storm, Green Fence Action, environmental protection regulation and solid waste ban imports, resulting into more standardized development. 

Secondly, development of high-valued products with technical innovation. We should combine production, learning, and research to develop and innovate in all directions. We also should optimize physical method recycling technology, stabilize product quality through intelligent spinning, and vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction and clean production. 

Thirdly, new path for industrial green development. By curbing sewage, preventing flood, draining waterlogging, guaranteeing water supply and clinging to water-saving, we should promote the cyclic utilization of reclaimed water and improve reuse rate of reclaimed water. For lucid waters and lush mountains, we should carry out the effective recovery and emission reduction of VOC. 

Fourthly, new prospect of industrial intelligent manufacturing. Enterprises use equipment and management system with automatic material distribution and accurate measurement. The production data integration processing platform helps enterprises to develop intelligently. The joint application of big data and 5G is the future direction of the industry. 

Fifthly, build up and improve the standardization system. The first industry standard was formulated in 2006, and up to now, there are various standards and testing methods of recycled fiber products. 

Sixthly, establish standard design routine and closed-loop recycled system. 
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