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China direct-spun PSF market outlook
!!Qin Jin, Deputy Director, Synthetic Fiber Department of Sinopec

2019-07-11 14:14:30
Qin Jin, Deputy Director, Synthetic Fiber Department of Sinopec, delivers her report of China direct-spun PSF market outlook 

The report is divided into four parts. 
1. In recent years, the polyester market is in a booming cycle, from the demand, price, profit and other data. In addition to the demand exceeds expectations, the slowdown in polyester capacity growth has led to tight supply, increased market concentration, and rising prices of basic raw materials, which is also the reason for the rise in the polyester market in recent years. 

2. Outlook for the polyester and staple fiber market in 2019. It is estimated that China's polyester expansion capacity will be 4-5 million tons or 8-9% in 2019, with a total capacity of about 59 million tons at the end of the year. In terms of staple fiber supply, the company plans to increase the production capacity of polyester staple fiber by 800,000 tons in 2019, including low-melting staple fiber. The capacity increase for the second consecutive year is over 10%, and the capacity of polyester staple fiber is further concentrated. In recent years, the downstream cotton spinning industry is not as good as polyester, and yarn production growth is basically stagnant. 

3. Main issues and deficiencies. The report pointed out that the market sentiment may gradually decline, the competition in the polyester staple fiber market is obviously intensified, and the market volatility has a great impact on the industry. The technical innovation of polyester staple fiber is far less than that of filament, and there are fewer new differentiated new products. Regularization, product added value decreased. 

4. Countermeasures and recommendations. Control production capacity continues to increase substantially, and further improve product function and quality; strive to increase exports and respond to industrial transfer; in the era of low profit, prudent operation to chase and rise; carry out GRS certification; peer coordination, and strive to stabilize the market and take the road of common development. 
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