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Introduction on standardization of PET re-processing
!!Chen Minjian, General Manager, National Technical Committee on Plastic of Standardization Administration of China

2019-07-11 11:33:26
Chen Minjian, General Manager, National Technical Committee on Plastic of Standardization Administration of China, delivers her report of Introduction on standardization of PET re-processing 

The report is divided into five parts. 

Firstly, background of standardization establishment. On Dec 28, 2018, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences held seminar on the preparation of reprocessing plastics standards. On the seminar, there were five points described. 1. It is necessary to set up standards for re-processing plastics. 2. The standards are settled by different parts, the first part is the ^general principles ̄, and other parts are the product standards. 3. The series of standards covers all of the recycled granules with large quantity. 4. The standards are to regulate the domestic recycled plastic producers, guide the industry to develop with high quality, and control the quality of imports. 5. The standards are led by the National?Technical?Committee?on?Plastic?of?Standardization?Administration. 

Secondly, status quo of re-processing plastic enterprises. Now the industry lacks of standards and specifications in China's reprocessing plastics industry and relevant standards should be formulated in time to standardize product quality and guide high-quality development of the industry. 

Thirdly, China's policy on waste plastics. Ms. Chen introduces Prohibition of Foreign Garbage Entry to Promote Solid Waste Import Management System Reform Implementation PlanIndustry Standard Conditions for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Plastics and Waste Plastics Processing and Utilization Pollution Prevention and Management Regulations

Fourthly, standards for reprocessing PET plastics in China and overseas. Ms. Chen interpreted the standards in China market and overseas markets including ISO standards, ASTM standards, EU standard and China standards. 

Fifthly, reprocessed PET material standard at testing stage. Ms. Chen describes the planned reprocessed PET material standard from basic standards, method standards, product standards and energy consumption standards. 
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