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2018 PSF market demand and future trend
!!Hao Shangkun, Manager from CCFGroup

2018-07-13 16:05:24
Hao Shangkun, Manager from CCFGroup, presented his report of 2018 PSF market demand and future trend  

His report is divided into three parts: 

Firstly, Mr. Hao analyzed the market status of PSF in 2017-2018. In 2017, PSF output increased steadily with growth rate of 7.4%. In H1 2018, virgin PSF output increased 10%, and recycled PSF output declined 6%. The total output grew 2% on the year. Virgin PSF profit was good with highest at 1,000yuan/mt in 2017. In H1 2018, the average profit was above 500yuan/mt despite a slight decline. 

Secondly, he presented the PSF consumption from the point of view?of?demand. Ring spinning machines increased limitedly from 2015. Ring spinning --most polyester yarns are produced by ring spinning. After four years of elimination, the capacity expansion was limited from 2015. 

PSF vs. cotton and VSF: price advantage weakened and then strengthened ; particularly from 2015 when price advantage of PSF was evident compared with VSF. Virgin PSF enjoys apparent advantage, so some downstream plants shifted production or added procurement of virgin PSF. 
Spunlace nonwoven industry¨s demand for PSF grows rapidly. 

Finally, he analyzed virgin and recycled PSF market development and made forecast. Production growth rate is expected to be around 10% in 2018. Looking from capacity distribution and the time of actual operation startup, production still focuses on conventional ones , followed by low-melting point, spunlace and others. Attention and demand for recycled fibers increase at home and abroad. Demand for high-end and certified ones ticks up obviously. According to incomplete statisticsthe demand for high-end recycled PFY approaches around 100kt per year. China-US trade conflict and import of clean PET bottle flake are risks on the market. 
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