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Classification and price evaluation of imported re-PET
!!Tian Juanjuan, Vice General Manager of Beijing Gu An Guanwu Consulting Co., Ltd

2017-10-19 16:44:36
Tian Juanjuan, Vice General Manager of Beijing Gu An Guanwu Consulting Co., Ltd., delivered her speech on the topic of Classification and price evaluation of imported re-PET 

Ms. Tian's report was divided into five sectors: 
1.Background of solid waste import ban. In April 2017, the State Council enacted the Implementation Plan on Prohibiting Entry of Foreign Garbage and Promoting Reform of the System for Managing Import of Solid Waste, to promote the building of ecological civilization, develop circular economy and protect people¨s well-being. Take steps to reduce the variety and quantity of imported solid waste. 

2. How to differentiate living-sourced and industrial-sourced PET scrap? PET bottle bales from living sources are banned from import; Mixed color PET flake is banned from import no matter cleaned or not; Standards for import of green, white and blue clean PET flakes vary in different ports. Waste from industrial sources are allowed being imported. Recycled granules are allowed being imported. Mixed color recycled granules are classified based on waste plastics 

3. Analysis on classification of HS code of PET scrap. Broken plastic products that obviously could not be used for original purpose. Yet scraps and parings of thermosetting materials that are made of one variety or scraps and parings that are mixtures of two or above thermoplastic materials are included even though in primary forms. Plastic wastes that are mainly used to recycle precious metals or that contain precious metals or precious metal compounds(Item 71.22) are not included. 

4. Key points of price appraisal for imported PET scrap. In accordance with letter No. 92 [2014] issued by GACC, plastic granules, pieces and power composed of post-processing waste plastics (excluding sorting, classification, crushing and cleaning) with different colors, shape or contents should be supervised as solid wastes. In accordance with notice No. 1 [2014] issued by import/export commodity supervision code of GACC, recycled plastic granules processed by waste plastics in primary speciation that are with the same color, size, shape and packing in batch and meet the standard of plastic materials or products will not be supervised as solid wastes. 

5. Introduction of Customs AEO. "Authorized Economic Operator" is a system introduced by the WCO to realize Framework, establish a partnership between customs and business sector and achieve trade safety and convenience. AEO companies enjoy differential treatment. 
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