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Year of Revolution-Development of recycled polyester in the future
¡ª¡ªLin Shidong, General Secretary of China Chemical Fibers Association

2017-10-19 16:05:44
Lin Shidong, General Secretary of China Chemical Fibers Association, delivered his speech on the topic of Year of Revolution-Development of recycled polyester in the future 

Mr. Lin mainly reports from three aspects: status quo of recycled polyester industry, industry issues and future development. 

Capacity and output of recycled polyester grew rapidly through benefits from economic development, since the Twelfth Five-year Plan was conducted. The industry has witnessed further improvement in technology. Moreover, recycled polyester industry sees clear progress in product development and the industry layout is more rational. Besides, it also gains remarkable achievements in energy conservation and emission reduction. 

The industry issues have non-standard small enterprises disrupting industry order, overall operating rate at low level, high import dependency of basic raw materials and double pollution caused by comprehensive usage. 

For the future development, Mr. Lin points out actively working on short supply of recycled raw materials, to achieve sustainable development; to start from recycled polyester standards to improve competitiveness of the industry; advanced new technology, new process and new equipment are encouraged to use to promote industry transformation and upgrading; to support enterprises to implement the ¡°going out¡± strategy; strengthen the stability of business operation, reduce business risk; actively communicate with the government, for a reasonable living space. 
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