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Commercialized syngas-based ethylene glycol technology
°™°™Beijing Booming HighChem Technology Co., Ltd.

2017-10-19 11:22:35

The report is mainly consisted of three parts. 

The first part describes the status of syngas-based ethylene glycol. MEG capacity was about 33 million mt/year worldwide in 2016. China's capacity was 8.215 million mt/year, accounting for 25.08% of world total. Growth in polyester industry slowed down in recent years, along with slowing GDP growth. YoY growth of global polyester is expected to be 4-6% in the next 5 years. China's polyester capacity takes up about 61% of world total. In 2011-2013, China's polyester industry maintained two-digit growth, yet it declined to 8% in 2014. Capacity expansion growth may keep 5% in the following 5 years. China's polyester capacity is 45.85 million mt/year, and the industry will have a huge and steady demand for MEG. 

The second part was about CTEG technology industrialization. It takes Xinjiang Tianye's plant as an example. 

The third part introduces HighChem as a comprehensive service supplier, including its company profile, major businesses, development and transfer of technology, etc.
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